Egress Window Installations Part I

Egress window installations come with many considerations. Make sure you consider them all!

There is a reoccurring thought amongst homeowners (and contractors) when it comes to egress window installations:

“An egress window in my (their) basement would be awesome! It does not only add value to my (their) home, it also adds space for an office, playroom or bedroom and additionally (basically the icing on the cake) it mitigates radon health hazards.”

So far so good. But there is adjacent thought:

“I (They) really don’t want to spend much money on it.”

The actions and consequences are manifold and we will talk about each one of them in several blog posts. The first one is to minimize costs by utilizing the existing window opening and only cutting vertically down. This saves a steel beam reinforcement as well as on structural engineering costs (not all of them but some) and also cuts down on costs for the required window (one can say the smaller the window the cheaper, although there are many more parameters that have a price impact, e.g. single, double or triple glazing, functionality/materials of the window, etc.).

“Each to their own…”

…applies here of course and everyones situation is unique. Be it a rental property, a house to sell or to live in. All of these situations demand different options and considerations. Just make sure your choice fits to the house, meaning it doesn’t matter how valuable your home is, choose at least the same quality grade windows as applied and installed everywhere else in the house. People (e.g. potential buyers and their realtors) are suckers for consistency and they will notice if not applied, don’t worry.

Next time we will talk about more actions and consequences for price seekers. I also wanted to give you an outlook into the future where we will talk about the idea to look at an egress window installation rather as an investment than an expense. Crazy, right! đŸ™‚

Stay Fair & Square,