Ever thought how communication can positively affect your home project? Part I

I don’t know about you but I love when people and companies know how to communicate. It makes my life as well as theirs so much easier. It is about the when, the what and the how. It is about being transparent and true to your word. It is about being reliable, able to listen, open for feedback and adjust and being flexible when necessary. 

Welcome to 2020. 🙂 

What I am talking about is not only being able to communicate appropriately (understandable, personable, listened and tailored to needs) but also in real-time with customers. It means customers get informed about every step on the way and know what the future steps will be. It opens up the chance of a two-way communication when questions arise or issues are detected. It gives both sides the chance to address and fix it before it is too late.

Doesn’t that sound like a fairy tale? Yes, it does but I know such unicorns are out there, you (just) have to find them! That’s why your vetting process is so important and should never be rushed. Invest more time at the beginning, it will save you time, money and nerves (sounds familiar, right?).

Next time I will focus more on project documentation and why it is so important.

Stay Fair & Square,