Ever thought how great communication affects your home project? Part II

Superior communication needs to come hand-in-hand with proper documentation. Every project step needs a description and check list. 

But why is this so important? 

It’s quite simple, in case you want or need to prove it. Let’s say you want to sell your house and the inspector doubts certain remodeling efforts. How would you ever prove it was properly done without spending extra effort, time and money?

Let’s make it more real, for example with an egress window installation: if an inspector doubts the egress window installation, you basically have to prove it by taking off the cladding, showing the steel reinforcement on top, etc.).

This extra time, effort and money can be easily avoided with a proper documentation including  pictures, descriptions and signed check lists. If you can provide that, every inspector, realtor and potential house buyer will back off instantly. All of them will end up loving you for it. 🙂

An additional bonus: the transparency of the project and its steps gives you the feeling of being a part of it and being always in the know throughout the project will put your mind at ease.

As a home owner myself, I thoroughly appreciate it when a contractor comes into my home and is able to explain the process, the timing and clarifies expectations beforehand but also is aware that communication and documentation throughout the project makes everyone’s life so much easier. Maybe something to think about next time when hiring a contractor. Just saying…

Let’s talk next time about (egress) windows and why saving on this particular end seems to be a real bad idea. 

Stay Fair & Square,