Windows & What To Watch Out For – Part II

Next point on the list to address: Please be aware there are different quality grades, even from great window manufacturers. The manufacturer idea behind is to cover all market segments independent on the price. Some manufacturers do a great job letting you know the differences, some not so much. Some of the features are visible and a lot of them are invisible. 

The most obvious visible one:

  • Single, double or triple glazing.

Some examples for invisible features:

  • Ease of use of the window functionalities.
  • Workmanship itself (aka engineering, processing and production quality).
  • Selection of utilized materials. 

Important to know is that all of these features combined heavily influence the windows quality and appearance. Its energy efficiency, its lifetime but also its capability, especially of specific (and important) functions like noise reduction depend on the above mentioned criteria.

Let me showcase based on a true story: Just lately a customer asked us to look into a 48×48 sliding window option which was recommended to him. He wanted to know our thoughts on it. So I made the effort to visit a brick and mortar shop and see it for myself. I was curious and wanted to see, feel and try it out myself in order to evaluate if this particular window is a good enough choice (the price certainly was cheap). 

So I did and boy, I am I glad I did! 

The material felt cheap and flimsy, the sliding mechanism was not smooth at all and even the sales person in the shop was not overly impressed by its overall appearance. 

Granted, it offered limited lifetime and double glazing but the window itself was not worth any money.

So I went back and told my customer that the money saved by choosing this window is money saved on the wrong end. I wholeheartedly believe one will never be happy with cheap window choices and there will be a point where one wishes to have made a better (window) choice. 

Let me be clear: I am not saying a window must be super expensive to be good, but the likelihood of cheap windows being good is rather small. 

The customer was happy that I took the time and gave him my opinion. He chose instead a 48×48 German Engineered tilt & turn window for his egress window installation. I’ll report back in six to twelve months and let you know what this particular customer has to say about the window!

Next time we will talk more about energy efficiency, promised.

Stay Fair & Square,