Egress Window Installation – Part III

Keep Your Loved Ones Safe! 

Whenever we talked in the past about egress window installations, it was always about rational aspects like factual needs, wants or benefits: ‘adhere to the law’, ‘build up-to-code’, ‘add more space with a bedroom or office in the basement’ or ‘add value to your home’. 

All valid points, but today I would like to speak about the most important aspect which is also a very emotional one.

Imagine the unimaginable: your kids, other family members or visitors sleep in the bedroom downstairs. All of the sudden a fire breaks lose. Horrible thought, probably one of the most terrifying ones. 

All of the sudden, everything else is not important at all. You want them to be safe and rescued in a fast and efficient manner.

It is all about having taken the right precautionary measures, like an up-to-code egress window installation. It is the best chance for your loved ones to escape or get rescued in-time!

Fortunately a lot of people think that way, but unfortunately they do not have the knowledge to look closer into what a safe rescue entails. Costs should not be the driving decision factor. Make sure not to save on the wrong end!  

My recommendation: Choose a contractor who has a contractor’s license, has insurance and is specialized in egress window installations!

Believe it or not, the IRC (International Residential Codes) guidelines are made out of a reason, especially for egress window installations: To keep everyone safe and sound in case of an emergency. Make sure your contractor takes them seriously and adheres to them.

So installing an up-to-code egress window is not “nice-to-have” but rather a must. 

Next time I will elaborate on the topic why egress window installations are a specialty trade. Not everyone who claims they can install them have the skills to do a proper job.

Stay Fair & Square,