How to (we) keep you and your loved ones safe – The Corona Virus impacts all of us 

There are so many questions: 

How can we make sure – when we send someone out to work – that everyone involved stays safe? 

How can we make sure our actions are responsible as well as social? 

How can we make sure we balance health and business interests? 

(How) can we keep our business up and running without endangering our people as well as our customers?

This pandemic puts a lot of us on edge. It almost seems surreal, like a really bad B movie, too bad to change the channel. Unfortunately we don’t even have this choice. But instead, the seriousness of the situation sinks in slowly. Empty streets, stagnant gas stations and abandoned restaurants make us aware that this novelty is now our reality. 

Make no mistake, this pandemic will impact all of us, one way or another. Some of us may be lucky, others won’t. Family, friends, colleagues, all ethnicities, all backgrounds, all societal levels and even all ages. I am not only talking about becoming sick. I am talking about tragedies & experiences that will be engrained, probably even burn us for decades. Some say,  we – as a society – needed to go through such a serious event with far-reaching consequences.  So we finally understand what’s important in our lives and set our priorities right. Who knows!?

I am at the point where I am frightened for my family, friends, employees, neighbors and customers. One can only hope everyone got the memo to reduce social contacts to an absolute minimum.

What does this mean for our US Egress business? We are still open and operating – construction is considered an essential business.

Of course, we operate with all the pre-cautionary measures we can take to keep you, your loved ones and our own employees safe.

It starts with physical site visits which we have reduced to an absolute minimum. We have changed them instead to virtual meetings. For example, we use Face Time or Zoom to see sites, even ask over the phone for measurements and send us pictures. This approach works well, for us and for our customers. Furthermore, when the actual project starts we ask for customer communication preferences regarding on-going on-site decisions. We have asked our workers to communicate either at a safe distance or via cell phone. So, if decisions need to be made, we can quickly call and get an answer to continue. With our project management tool, which our customers also have access too, we update the project status and include pictures. This comes in handy, especially at the moment. Even payments can be made via Venmo, Zelle or credit card, which are convenient online alternatives and can be done without compromising one’s health.

Although we love a great handshake (or even hugs:) ) at the end of our projects, we know it’s not the time for it. We do our best to be mindful and to keep all of us healthy!

Stay Safe,