New Opening: Egress Window Installation, 36×48 Tilt & Turn Window

Our customer owns a rental property and wanted to add a bedroom in the basement. There was no existing window, so we had to open the wall. Granted, the structural engineering costs are higher than when one can work with existing window openings. But it also comes with the freedom to choose where you want to place the new window opening. In this case the owner wanted to center the egress window below the window aisle. We double checked with the city building department to make sure we do not violate any codes and got the green light and permit. When we first inspected the room and saw the considerable size of the room, we suggested a bigger window which allows for more light to come in. So instead the standard size of 30x48in, we installed a 36x48in Tilt & Turn window. It turned out fantastic: the gloomy room was transformed into a bright and airy bedroom. Furthermore it helped to rent out the place at a higher price. A classic win-win situation and another happy customer.

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